I took the kids to a water park today and we had a blast!  I was planning to blog with some fun pictures of them but The Lord put on my heart to let my 7 year old daughter, Ellie, give her perspective of our day. Ellie had an “outside of her shell” moment today that I feel will inspire and encourage you.  

The day I tried by ellie Gilbert

today I  went to a water park and I swam. here is a picture of Me and my brother and sister.

We swam for a while then my dad said “do you want to go on the big slide?”. I said NO!  I said no because I am scared.

then my mom said ” God has not given you a spirit of fear but a power of  love and  a sound  mind “. I was still a little scared but my mom said she will go too. so I whent with my mom  to see how fast it goes I saw that it was slow so I decided to try it. while i waited for my turn I said the verse my mom told me. I was scared but I did it  anyway. it was fun !  i rode it lots of times after that .

 if you ever feel scared just ask god and he will help you. i am glad I went or if I didnt I would have missed the fun.

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