Hi friends! Sorry I have been missing but we just moved and WOW that is work! We just got internet in our new house yesterday(don’t get me started on how the company kept forgetting to come)! God has been speaking to me a lot in the midst of moving but since I don’t have a ton of time to write I wanted to share a few of the nuggets he is dropping on my heart. Yesterday on my Facebook page I shared this video about using your gifts:

But today I had an awesome encounter while working out that I want to share as well. I am training for a marathon(another God inspired thing because that is clearly not me). I was supposed to go for a run this morning but when I woke up I felt God tell me to go to our neighborhood gym and do some elliptical and treadmill work instead. As I was running on the treadmill I looked at myself in the mirror and had the thought “Ugh I should have just ran outside so I could have looked at the beautiful creation and scenery rather than my thunder thighs!” In that moment I felt God say to me “Rachael, YOU are my most beautiful creation”.

That thought is absolutely mind blowing to me. That WE are God’s most beautiful and valuable creation. We were the crown jewel of all that He created. Because of this satan is incredibly jealous of us and our beauty. He lost that title when he was removed from his position so he has declared war against our beauty. I am so thankful God sent Jesus to redeem us and set us free from that bondage.

I remember the first time I went to Hawaii I was overwhelmed by the beauty of God’s creation. Everywhere I turned there were more and different breathtaking views. Every sunrise and sunset brought new beauty. Yet still God says WE are more beautiful than the most beautiful place on earth.

I can’t say that I fully comprehend how deep God’s love for me runs but I can say that I took a step towards freedom today. As I was running instead of looking away and being repulsed by my body(God’s temple) I looked at it as parts of it were jiggling and I said “It is good”. I looked at my jiggling thighs and said “You are good. You give me the ability to walk, run and play with my kids.”

Next time you exercise instead of focusing on what all is moving and shaking and wishing you looked different, focus on what is good. Focus on the breath in your lungs, the heart that is beating, the feet that are moving and the arms that are lifting. When we align our heart with God’s there is a transformation that takes place from the inside out.

P.S. We are gearing up to start a new month of our First Fruit Fit Club. This is a faith and fitness community that you can do from the comfort of your own home OR you can take the printables and do them at a gym. Each month is filled with new workouts, a workout calendar, accountability, me as your coach and a meal plan. Please pray about joining us! Click here for more info.

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