A few months ago a ministry called Single Matters had posted they were looking for “how you met” stories from married couples.  I felt like I was supposed to share a bit of our story plus a glimpse into our first few years of marriage.  I sat down and wrote something very quickly, clicked submit and much to my surprise they asked if they could publish it.  

Here is a the first paragraph of  “When God writes your story: Matt & Rachael”:

“Some would call my story a fairy tale. That’s how it looked on the outside.
I was 20 years old when I finally worked up the courage to end a very unhealthy relationship—one that I had known (for four years) was not where God wanted me. I remember the feeling of freedom I had when that relationship was truly over. I was in college and so excited about this new single life that awaited me. I couldn’t wait to see how God was going to use me, and what exotic places I would go with my job and/or ministry. I was even so bold as to tell God I wouldn’t date for years.”
If you would like to read the rest of the article it is the featured article on Single Matters today. You can find the article here.
This is just a glimpse into our marriage story.  Matt & I feel called to marriage ministry so please leave me a comment with any areas of our lives that you would for me to share/write about and what God has taught us.

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