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This week on Real Talk with Rachael I’m chatting with author and national speaker, Katy McCown. Katy is president of She Laughs Ministries, a writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries, and a national speaker. Through all life’s uncertainties and surprises, she has learned some things about “living sure” even when the future is not. She and her husband, Luke, a former NFL quarterback, are raising six children on their ranch in Texas.

Key points from today’s conversation:

  • Katy wrote her book after becoming so smothered with “what-ifs” that she was losing the present. “I can’t change the future, but the fear of the future can change me.”
  • Before she prioritized time with Jesus, her day flowed from burden and fear rather than the truth of who God is.
  • Take time to be still and quiet with Jesus – no reading, no moving. Turn on a worship song and meditate on who He is. It won’t be natural. Keep doing it. “When we truly become quiet before of the Lord, we can receive from Him in a way we can’t when we’re just fitting Him in or distracted.”
  • The fear doesn’t go away. There is always something to be scared of. Admit to God how you feel.
  • Start your prayer with praise. When we begin with the truth of who God is, then we can filter our circumstances through that truth. Praising first changes our perspective. When we do it the other way, we tend to see God filtered through our circumstances.
  • You won’t be able to smile through every circumstance. Sometimes it takes moment by moment surrender. But when your gaze is on Jesus, you will smile at His goodness. It’s a quiet joy and a steadiness.
  • 7 Prayers to Help You Smile without Fear

5 Steps to Trade Fear of the Future for Purpose in the Present

  1. Spend less time doing and more time being with Jesus
  2. Exchange the fear of the future for the fear of the Lord
  3. Rely on my savior instead of myself
  4. Pursue love
  5. Live faithfully today

Let’s Get Real Practical:

Download my 3 Actions Steps to Overcome Fear & Pursue Your God-Given Dreams training and practice one of the following actions steps this week:

Write it out
Walk it out
Go to war

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