This week on Real Talk with Rachael I’m talking with author Becky Thompson. Not only is Becky a bestselling author, but she’s also the creator of the Midnight Mom Devotional community gathering more than one million moms in nightly prayer. She has become a voice for modern Christian womanhood, speaking about the struggle of balancing life as a wife, mother, and daughter of God. Becky lives in Oklahoma with her husband, Jared, and their three children.

Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • The Holy Spirit is a co-equal member of the trinity. If the Holy Spirit shows up, it should stir in our hearts the same type of adoration and awe as Jesus walking into the room.
  • People are hesitant about engaging with the Holy Spirit because others have expressions that seem radical when God comes close. “Our expectations do not confine God.”
  • We think surrendering to the Holy Spirit means we’ll lose control, but we’re actually in more control when we allow the God who knows all things and loves us to lead us.
  • When we accept the Holy Spirit’s invitation to partner with Him, we get to know Him better and learn to love Him in a way that we can only understand when He guides us. This is what a life awakened to His spirit looks like.
  • As we grow and mature, we look around and ask how the world around us needs us to know God as deeply and personally as we can. How can the people around us experience God’s love through what we know of Him to be true?
  • “The gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to us so He can move through us.” It’s our responsibility to learn how to use them so the body can be whole and can function in its fullness.
  • You already know the Holy Spirit if you know Jesus – He’s the one that bought you into the relationship. The Holy Spirit is how Jesus comes close to us. It’s through Him we experience God.

Let’s Get Real Practical:

What comes up for you when we discuss the topic of the Holy Spirit? Be honest. Write your answer down.
What do you want to come up when you think of the Holy Spirit?

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