A few days ago Livvy, our  5 year old, had a new tooth growing in behind her wiggly tooth.  I scheduled an appointment with a dentist(thank you Dr. Thorpe at Thorpe Family Dentistry in Southlake for getting us in on such short notice!).  Dr. Thorpe examined Livvy and said we could give it a try at getting it out on our own.  So we decided to do that and were able to get it out that day!  However, Livvy was pretty scared at the thought of Daddy pulling her tooth so after he got it out she immediately said “Mom, can I blob(what she calls a blog:)) about the day I lost my tooth?!”  So here you have it, Livvy’s version of the day she lost her tooth.  🙂

One day I noticed I had a bump in my mouth.  I told my mommy about the bump.  She said I have to go to the dentist.  And I was scared!  But then my mommy told me he was nice and he wouldn’t hurt me.  So after church we went to the dentist.  I liked the dentist and the yummy chocolate toothpaste.  He said my daddy could try to get my tooth out at home.  When we got home and daddy told me he was going to pull my tooth I cried.  I was scared.  To calm down I told myself my daddy would never hurt me.  Then my dad got the tooth out and I was excited.  
Whenever you are scared just say your memory verse “God has not given me a spirit of fear or timidity but a power of love and a sound mind”.  That memory verse calms me down a lot.

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